Christmas 2012

We all had a great time spending quality time with family in IA and MN! It was well worth the preparation, time, and energy traveling with two little ones!

The Latest on Bryn

It's been a while since I've shared the many things Bryn is up to. She's now 14 months...crazy! Here are some of the new tricks up her sleeve:

- Says: guggle (snuggle), baaabeee (baby), kickle (tickle), daaadee (daddy), maaammm (mommy)
- Signs: more, all done, eat
- Waves "bye-bye"
- Still takes a morning and afternoon nap (trying to phase her out)
- Has eight teeth (4 up, 4 down)
- Eats all table food
- Drinks whole milk
- Wears 12-18 month clothes
- Loves her shoes
- sleeps from 7pm-7am
- Is a TOTAL mamma's girl
- Wears size 3 diapers
- Loves to brush teeth
- crawls upstairs to get her "Lovey"...stuffed pink and white cow
- Is a walking machine (started at about 13 months)
- Is learning to go downstairs
- Crawls up on the hearth
- Sucks her thumb only when holding on to Lovey's ear
- Tries to color
- Gets into everything that's NOT a toy

She definitely has a little temper and some of that is probaby because she tries to keep up with big sister. We love her to pieces and marvel at her all the time! Sooo blessed to be her parents!


Halloween 2012

This year Emry was a cupcake (I'm in love with Old Navy costumes) and Bryn was a cow (hand-me-down from when Emry was 9 1/2 months). They were freaking adorable! We went to a few trunk or treat events and then had a blast going around our new neighborhood on Halloween with their good buddies Cole and Owen.


The Party

We decided to keep Bryn's 1st birthday a bit smaller than Emry's...so we only invited family. We were thankful that many were able to attend as they all live out of state. At one point, we slept 12 people here and it all worked out great! She did so well at her party and everything went smoothly. Here's evidence of the success!

One Year Young

We officially have another toddler on our hands! Sweet baby Bryn is 1! We are so grateful for this amazing blessing God graced us with. Her little personality is sweet & sensitive with a splash of sassy. Here is latest about our peanut:

~ Weighs 18 lbs. 12 oz (30th percentile)
~ Is 31 inches long (90th percentile)
~ Head Circumference: 18 inches
~ Still in size 3 diapers
~ In 18 month clothes
~ Her hair is growing rapidly...is now a few inches over her ears
~ Take 2 naps: 9-10am & 1-3-ish
~ Sleeps from 7:30pm-7:00am
~ Drinks whole milk
~ Refuses to hold a bottle or sippy cup herself (we're workin' on it)
~ Eats all table food (minus peanut butter)
~ Has taken 2 wobbly steps (not consistently)
~ Is a total mamma's girl
~ Loves baths and hates showers
~ Loves to brush teeth
~ Enjoys dancing
~ Can sign: more, all done, eat
~ Waves for "hi" and "bye"
~ No clear words yet
~ Walks around things
~ Loves to climb the stairs and has no idea how to get down
~ Is a snuggle bug when she's tired

Makes us laugh daily and is learning and on the go constantly!


Fall Family Pics 2012

Here are some of our favorite shots from our family photo session on 10/7/12.


Birthday Fun

The girls had a blast at the joint bday party for their cousins Maison, Maddie, and Zach this past weekend in IA. Phil and Krista's bulldog had 4 puppies and Bryn couldn't get enough.

I'm gonna get you!


Cake with some of her cousins...Kynlee, Amber, Anna, & Allison.

11 Months!

I know, I know...I've been a total blog-slacker. Life and work have been CRAZY this month! Hoping things will slow down.

Our sweet Bryn is 11 months (Back on 9/20)! Not sure how that happened so quickly. The 1st birthday party planning has officially begun. Most everything is in order except a few minor things. Hoping I can be a little more crafty this time around.

Little peanut never ceases to amaze us. Our lives are so much richer with her in it. We love, love watching Emry and her relationship blossom...nothing like the love of a sister. We feel truly blessed that God graced us with a second, healthy little girl.

Here is what Bryn is up to one month shy of a year:
- In size 3 diapers
- Has rapidly growing hair
- LOVES to crawl up the stairs...does NOT know how to get back down
- Eats most table food
- Has 3 bottles of formula each day (hoping to wean her soon)
- Is a total mamma's girl. She clings on for dear life if I try to pass her to someone else
- No new teeth...still only has 4
- In size 12-18 month clothes
- Not a fan of having her teeth brushed, mainly the top teeth
- Can push herself into a standing position from the floor without holding on to anything
- Has taken 3 small, small steps
- Is the sweetest thing ever
- Sucks her thumb at nap and bedtime
- Starting to find comfort in her taggy blanket

Only 17 days left until she turns 1. At that time, we will be a baby-less family...tear.


Gymnastics Success

After our rough experience with gymnastics back in February, we decided to give it another shot. Emry has been asking to go for a few months and since she was expressing so much interest, we thought we try again and see. She did amazingly well and seemed to love every second. She listened and followed directions much better than before and didn't want to leave at the end. She's excited to go back next week!


My Little Helper

She loves to help me when I work.

Learning Fast

We recently taught Emry how to use a computer mouse or the touch pad on our laptop. She does well with either. She loves going to Starfall or PBS Kids.


The Cutest Package

Have you ever received a package this cute?

Little Momma

Emry asked if she could feed Bryn her bottle. Totally adorable. Too bad it only lasted about a minute.


Water Babe

We headed out to Smithville lake yesterday on our friends' boat and the girls loved it. Here are some precious shots of our water babe.

10 Months

Sweet Bryn is 10 months and once again...I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! Where has the last month gone? It's time I start planning her 1st birthday party! WHAT!?!?! Here are some adorable shots of our peanut.

And here's what she's up to:
- Has 4 teeth: two on top, two on bottom
- Drinks 4 bottles of formula, 7 oz each
- Wakes up around 6:30am
- Naps 9-11am & 1-3pm...sometimes a cat nap around 5:30pm
- Goes to bed around 8:00pm
- Eats the following solid foods: green beans, cheerios, bananas, shredded cheese, strawberries (I need to introduce more soon)
- Has oatmeal cereal 3 times a day
- LOVES her some yogurt bites and puffs
- Still has jar fruits, veggies, and mixed foods
- Wears size 3 daipers
- Is in 9-12 month clothes
- Is in love with her big sister
- Pulls up on things
- Doesn't want to be set down
- Is a mamma's girl
- Makes us laugh daily
- Loves to be tickled